Desk Roster

We aim to be open almost every day of the year.  You can add yourself to the desk roster using the MS Booking app below.  



How to book:

  1. Select a Service: Click on either the Desk Shift or Buddy Shift button. Please fill up desk shifts first, so we can see at a glance which days are still empty.
  2. Date: Select the date that suits you on the calendar.  Days with no shifts left will be greyed out.
  3. Time: Select either the 10am or 1pm slot. Only times that are still available will show.
  4. Add your details: Add your name and email address (and a note if you can help out with training – see the CAN YOU HELP? section below).  Your email address will be used to send you an email confirmation and invite, so you can easily add your shift to your personal calendar.
If you’re on a mobile device, these links below might be easier to view.


Can You Help?

If you can help with training our new members, please add one of the following comments into the optional Notes field.  

  • #intro – you can explain the ins and outs of opening and closing the gallery, etc
  • #pos – you’re good with the intro training and can also explain how to use the computer system to a new user.

We totally understand if you’re not comfortable helping out with training.  If that’s the case, just leave the Notes box blank.

The below calendar will show you who is already rostered on each day.  If you would like to find someone to help with training, please look out for the #intro or #pos tag at the end of their name.  You can then join them using the Buddy Shift option when booking shift above.